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Anigo Systems

In 2004 I invested into a business called ProfitLink based on software running on mobile devices, and a strategic relationship with MYOB. The story made sense, and Windows-based PDA devices were getting a lot of traction at the time.

The investment did rather badly. The investment funds were spent quickly, sales did not materialise, and the relationship with MYOB went sour. After four years hard work one of the founders left, and after another four, the business was surviving but going nowhere.

In early 2012 I bought out the founders and other investors and created a new company to take over the technology and core people.

The business is now Anigo Systems. Its aim is to create and market software products on handheld devices and tablets for businesses to use.

This is a work in progress. Stay tuned.

Anigo Systems Web Site


This is my other software product business, focussed on business software for mobile devices and tablets.

If you are in the same line of business and would like to discuss mutual interests, please contact me.