David M. Bennett

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These programs all happen to be written using MFC (which is pretty obvious, actually). If you need help using them, you probably don't need these programs, but I offer one tip. There are various places where double-clicking does useful things.

Dove is David's Own Viewer. For viewing text and binary files. Has a few issues with scrolling, but excellent otherwise.

ZoomBits is a rewrite of a classic, because they didn't quite do what I needed. Find out exactly what size and colour every pixel on your screen really is. Features live update so you can see hover effects too.

UniPatSys is a Universal Patience Playing System (Solitaire in the US). It is designed to play almost any game of patience known to man, but right now it only has a handful of games encoded. Spider and Tower are my favourites.

DoCoPaX is David's Own Code Page Explorer. Good for peeking at code pages and figuring out why things don't display the way you'd have thought they would.


These are programs I've written that may be of use or interest to others.They're free, but no warranty and I get to keep the copyright. Please email me if you find them useful, or if you find bugs. 

You are hereby granted permission to use them provided you accept full responsibility for any harm they may do. You are not granted permission to copy them to give to anyone else.