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About Me

I went to Melbourne Grammar School and graduated in medicine from Monash University. I worked in medicine for a while, but it never really suited me.

Initially I switched over to computer medicine, then to computer consulting with an interest in health computing, and I learned a lot of interesting things while working for other people.

Then starting in 1985 I wrote a piece of software called Powerflex and formed my own company Powerflex Corporation to develop it and sell it. That business is still running profitably after more than 20 years.

Since about 2001 I have taken a keen interest in software startups and investing in other businesses. I like to say that I haven't had a real job in years.

I belong to a number of industry and other associations. I spend quite a lot of time on these activities.

I am a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (UK) but I no longer practise. I am also a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society and of the Australian Institute of Angel Investors.

I have a wide range of other interests, including science, languages, games, economics, business, law, psychology, philosophy and so on. I like to learn and I like to think. I contribute to some mailing lists and sometimes I blog about them.

I am happily married with 3 children, and living in Melbourne Australia. Contact me.

This site was created with Frontpage and then Expression Web, mainly because (a) they're out there (b) I need to know a little about them (c) anything is better than editing HTML. I've updated it to EW4 and a new style sheet. Hope you like it.

I have a couple of blogs I update from time to time. They were created with WordPress, so obviously they look a bit different. The only one at all up to date is my personal blog at www.hurkle.com, but even that is rather out of date. Feel free to check it out.



This is a professional photo taken for a newspaper article. I didn't have much say in how it came out.