David M. Bennett

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Over a the past several years I've looked at something like 400 startups and early stage companies as possible investments. Here are some I have invested in.

  • Bijingo has great enterprise project management software.
  • Blue Reef does role-based access control and network enforcement, specialising in the schools market.
  • Bluechiip has an RFID chip which can be autoclaved and revolutionises tracking of medical devices and samples.
  • E-Ball does sports simulators using a real ball.
  • Gramercy Venture Advisors advises and assists companies with capital raising.
  • ProfitLink had software called Mobileezy to connect a Palm or PocketPC to an accounting system like MYOB or Attache. Now see Anigo Systems.
  • Readify provides education, training and consultancy around Microsoft developer products.
  • StarPlayit has software that does real-time polyphonic note detection of music played on real instruments.
  • Epiphany Games builds real-time strategy games, that bring a world to life and allow you to live in it and fight epic battles for survival.
  • Lockbox provides security document exchange using essentially unbreakable peer-to-peer technology.
  • Rome2Rio does very fast multi-modal route planning, for when flying is not the whole story.
  • Welldog provides revolutionary coal mine gas testing and other advanced mining technologies.

Most of my investment activities these days are focussed on Melbourne Angels, an angel investment group affiliated with the AAAI. The site has lots of reading material for people who think they want to raise capital, or get into early stage investing.


I'm always on the lookout for the opportunity to help early stage companies, and perhaps to invest in them. These are a few I've had a hand in starting or shaping.

If you have an investment opportunity I might be interested in, please contact me.