David M. Bennett

A Personal Web Site


The Australian Computer Society is the association for IT professionals. I've been a member for many years, and recently they made me a Fellow. I've served on the National Council, on the Victorian Branch Executive Committee and a number of other committees. Currently I'm the Chairman of the Victorian Fellows Committee.

The AIIA is the Australian Informatics Industry Association, the peak body for information and communications technology companies in Australia. I advise businesses to join, both because it is the relevant association and because it can provide some very real benefits. I've worked closely with people at the AIIA for many years.

Melbourne Angels is an angel investment group affiliated with the AAAI. I helped to found it in 2007 and I now do most of my investing through the group. We have a Web site where entrepreneurs can provide details if they are looking for investment. We use the Gust system, which has connections worldwide.

AAAI is the Australian Association of Angel Investors, a newly formed body representing Australian angel investment groups, individual angel investors and organisations that support the growth of business angel investment in Australia. It has a newsletter and holds an annual conference that is well worth attending.

Victoria.NET is a networking association for .NET professionals and companies I helped set up, with the Victorian State Government and Microsoft. Currently I am the President.

I have been a member of Mensa Australia for many, many years. You meet some incredibly interesting people.

You can also find me on Linked In, if you're a member.


Joining relevant industry and professional associations is both an important contribution and personally rewarding. Even better is to put up your hand for the Committee and help make things happen.

If you want to join any of these, I'll be happy to help. Contact me.