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Microsoft first announced the release of .NET in 2000, together with some developer tools, and a grand plan. It was pretty obvious they were going to spend a lot of money promoting this new technology, and that this was a unique opportunity to start a business specialising in this area.

So I wrote a business plan for a a services company that would initially provide education and training, and later move into consultancy or perhaps products as opportunities presented themselves. It would have to be sales-driven, it would have to focus on being "the best" and it would need an excellent relationship with Microsoft.

With this in mind I chose the initial team from amongst people in my network and I put up the investment capital. With a name to reflect its relationship with Monash University, Monash.NET opened for business in July 2001.

After a lean first year and a bit more investment capital, sales took off and the company has been growing strongly ever since. We outgrew the relationship with the University and changed the name to Readify as it is now.

Readify made the BRW Fast 100 in 2006 and 2007 and now employs over 100 consultants. It operates nationally from offices in most capital cities.

The company still does .NET education, training, strategic consulting, seed architecture and resourcing for development projects. Our biggest strengths are the great people who run the business day to day and the fantastic people we've hired -- the best you'll find anywhere. This is my kind of business, the one that runs superbly when I'm not there.

In 2011 the business had lost its interest for me, and I exited my investment. I wish the business and its shareholders all the best into the future.

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Readify was an obvious opportunity to make a bet on what Microsoft would do next. It worked out great!

If you have an idea this good that I might be interested in, please contact me.