David M. Bennett

A Personal Web Site


This is my personal web site, for people who want to know who I am and what I do.

I have made a career in software. My enduring passion has been building great software products that other people use and are willing to pay for. I started by working for other people, but then I wrote my own product and achieved a good degree of success with it. See Powerflex Corporation.

Based on knowledge of the technology and contacts in the industry I found a unique opportunity to set up a Microsoft .NET services business. See Readify.

Now my interests lean towards helping others to create software and start their own businesses, and perhaps investing in those businesses through our group Melbourne Angels. A few of my investments are here. I am available to speak on the subject, resume here.

One of my investments did rather badly, so I bought out the founders to get access to the people and the technology. Talk about sending good money after bad! Now I'm relaunching it as Anigo Systems.

I am a strong advocate of joining professional and industry associations, such as the ACS, AIIA and AAAI. More about them here. I am also available to act as an expert witness, more about that here.

From time to time I've built programs for my own use, and you can find some of those in the downloads section.

More details on the about page. I'm on LinkedIn too.


This site contains information about me for other people who might just want to know. It's mostly about what I'm involved in and what I've done.

If anything on these pages interests you, please contact me.

All opinions expressed are my own. All care and no responsibility. Permission given to quote provided the source is acknowledged.